the passengers in Subway Line 5Subway Line 5 Subway Line 5 is the first north-south Subway Line in the Beijing city. It was opened to the public on October7, 2007 and runs from Tiantongyuan North Subway Station to Songjiazhuang Subway Station. It passes the Tiantan East Road Station, which is very convenient to the place of interests of the Temple of Heaven. It also links up with Subway 1, 2, 10, 13.

In the view of passengers, the Subway Line 5 provides a convenient routine especially for those who are going to visit the Temple of Heaven. As the famous fame of the Temple of Heaven, more and more tourists visit Beijing and go to Temple of Heaven, the Subway Line 5 always crowed with many people. Because of the fast speed of Subway, the tourists often choose take Subway Line 5 to go to the Temple of Heaven. At the same time, the Temple of Heaven is more and more welcomed by native and foreign tourists.